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Scott Advantage

On the range, you´re looking for every opportunity you can to beat out your opponent. With the Scott Advantage, you´ve found what you need to boost your score. These tournament-focused back tension releases put all your focus where it needs to be, on aiming.

Scott Backspin

The natural tendency is to pull with your index finger instead of rotating the release, especially in a pressure situation. The harder you pull, the harder it is to fire. The new BackSpin release design features a rotating index finger hole that spins which greatly reduces the effects of release hang up. This rotating design, combined with an optimized pivot point, results in a release that will help elevate every archer´s game.

Scott Buzz

Compact, Lightweight, Single-Jaw Caliper Design. Proven Roller-Sear Design for Smooth, Crisp & Consistent TriggerPull

Scott ECHO

New Hyper Jaw design. The independent jaws operate in perfect synchronization with one another. The asymmetrical design delivers unmatched efficiency in the jaw opening response. The Roller Trigger System (RTS) provides a silky smooth trigger action.

Scott Fox

Designed for a woman´s smaller hand and wrist size and is ideal for the compact bows women typically shoot. Also great for youth!

Scott Mongoose XT

The best trigger release SCOTT has ever made! It´s a single caliper design which is a SCOTT exclusive and gives you crisp trigger activation and reliable performance.

Scott Shark

Is the best-selling dual caliper SCOTT release. You´ll recognize it because of its green jaws and trigger. You´ll love it because it performs!

Scott Sigma

Offers a more comfortable feel with a new, more ergonomic handle. You can feel the difference at full draw, allowing you to be relaxed and confident.

STAN Element

The ElementTL is the second release in STAN’s® lineup to use the Smokin´ XTM sears; it comes in both medium and large sizes as well as three and four finger configurations. Whether your shooting a light draw weight for indoors or a heavy 3D setup, the ElementTL offers extreme repeatability with the reliability and consistency you can only find in a STAN®.

STAN Morex

Named after the sears themselves, the MOREX release comes in both medium or large sizes and two, three, four, deep swept four, and straight handle configurations. Like all STAN´s®, it offers a fit and feel you won´t forget through features like the removable pulling post that´s fully adjustable for projection and angle.


The PerfeX is an all new blend of pure perfection. It´s not just a new sear design nor is it just a new handle. It is a lighting fast, greasy smooth, crisp as an apple must have piece of equipment that will melt in your hand and disappear into your shot process. Think of it as ErgoFitTM Technology on steroids with an all new racecar fast searing mechanism that goes from click to bang faster than anything ever put on the market.

STAN Shootoff

The NEW shootoff!TL model is built around the silkpathTM sears and comes in both medium and large sizes as well as three and four finger configurations. New for 2016 we added our patented Trainer Lock Pin to assist archers in the learning and practicing process.


The new SX3 is built around the silkpathTM sear and come in both medium and large sizes as well as three and four finger configurations. The SX3 is built in the tradition of it´s predecessor the SX2 but incorporates the company´s new, patent pending Trainer LockTM technology.

These are just some of the products we stock and as always we can custom order almost anything you require for your archery needs.

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