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Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Extreme

This season, take your shooting to the Xtreme! The Sport Hunter Xtreme was engineered to help provide superior stabilization while conquering shot-induced vibration, resulting in the ultimate hunting stabilizer. The Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener and De-Resonator combine to effectively minimize vibration transferred from the riser to the stabilizer upon release of the arrow.
The individual 1 oz. end-weights allow users to customize their stabilizer to meet the ideal balance requirements of their particular hunting bow. Together, it equals added confidence to make YOUR shot of a lifetime.
- Includes (3) 1 oz weights

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Extreme Kit

For years, world-class target archers have known the benefits of combining front and back bar stabilizers for superior balance and shot control. Now, Bee Stinger brings this same stabilization strategy to the hunting world with the Sport Hunter Xtreme System. The system features a longer front SHX stabilizer, a shorter back SHX stabilizer, both mounted to an NEW! Elite side arm for maximum adjustability. Together, the SHX System provides maximum balance and stabilization, assuring maximum moment of inertia. Feel the difference in your hand and with regular use, shot groupings will tighten at extended distances.

- Sport Hunter Xtreme 8" and 6" (8.6 option) or 10" and 8" (10.8 option)

- Adjustable Side Bar ELITE

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Counter Slide

Achieving perfect balance and offsetting the weight of your sight, quiver and other accessories has never been more accurate, adaptable, or simple.
- 5 individual 1 oz. weights and sliding bracket allow for minute adjustments to achieve perfect balance
- Offsets the weight of sight, quiver and other accessories
- Allows additional weight distribution both forward and back

Stokerized Hunter G2

The Hunter G2 Stabilizer is a proven performer loaded with style and functionality. All Hunter G2 stabilizers feature our patented acrylic rod technology eliminating shock, vibration, and noise. They have the ability to add unlimited weight.
- Hunter 6" G2 weights 4.75 oz.
- Hunter 8" G2 weights 5.5 oz.
- Hunter 10" G2 weights 6 oz.
* All hunters come standard with Black Dual Saturn Dampener.

Stokerized Carbon Stasis

Stasis is the cleanest, lightest, and most effective single stabilizing system on the market.
The stabilizer will perfectly balance your bow while aiming, isolating all dynamic movement, and surpressing shock upon the shot which will increase your effectiveness at any range.
- Stasis 15 measures 15" and weights 12.75 oz
- Stasis 19 measures 19" and weights 13.75 oz.
*incudes 6 1 oz weights in matching finish
*Includes dual saturn dampeners
*Quick disconnects sold seperatley

Stokerized HD Series

The HD Series of stabilizers is a perfect blend of Stokerized technology and the proven performance of Mathews Harmonic Dampeners and Harmonic Stabilizers.

- HD2 measures 4.25" and weights 5.25 oz.

- HD3 measures 6" and weights 7 oz.

Stokerized Acrylic SS One

The SS1 is the original fully adjustable side-mounted stabilizer that thousands of serious archers have set as the new standard for which all hunting stabilizers are to be mesaured.
- SS ONE G2 8.5 measures 8.5" and weights 8oz.
- SS ONE G2 10.5 measures 10.5" and weights 8.5 oz.


These are just some of the products we stock and as always we can custom order almost anything you require for your archery needs.

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