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Southern African Safari for Four - Raffle
Limpopo Africa Safari

 Tickets Are In!

Bob & AJ’s Archery World is pleased to announce the WINNER OF The Safari in the Limpopo region of South Africa! Rich with wildlife, the Limpopo Region in northern South Africa on the border of Botswana and Zimbabwe, offers perfect terrain for our archers to spot and stalk hunt - Impala, Kudu, zebra, cape Buffalo, - over 60 species available.

Limpopo Africa Safaris who hosted two of our pro staff early this year is offering an opportunity to our clients to experience this first hand.

A seven day, guided hunt for four with $500 in Trophy fees per hunter (valued at over 14,000). The guided tour includes a professional hunter guiding you, full staff of trackers, drivers cooks and maids. Included Accommodations are elegant. Camp includes full cooking services with delicious local game highlighted on the menu. For questions pertaining to the hunt please contact Limpop Africa Safaris.

Check out their accommodations and gallery of trophies at Limpopo Africa Safaris.









Carol Cape Limpopo       


  Grand Opening 2017



 We at Bob & AJ's Archery World would like to take the time to thank all of our supporters, clients, distributors, family, and friends for helping make the Grand Opening so special.


 There are a few who deserve a special thank you.


 - Fellow archery hunter Joel Kasak of Kasak Kuts. (4591 Durham Rd., Doylestown, PA) Your Pig Roast deservedly got rave reviews. It's the best BBQ we've had on the East Coast. The Venison jerky was a hit and quickly disappeared.


- We want to say Thanks to Steve's Prince of Steaks. The official cheesesteak of Bob & AJ's Archery World!!!!!! 


- The Band, "Launch" - Your live performance was the perfect backdrop for our event. The energy you brought kept us rock'in all day!


 - Josh, our Vista Outdoor Representative. Your generous give aways were the perfect way to show our clients just how awesome your products are.


- Caz, our Prime/G5 representative. Thanks for the great job with demonstrating some of your merchandise. Your customer assistance was very helpful to us.




- Jack Jabs. We benefited that day and EVERY DAY from your infinite knowledge of both bow tuning and customer service.


- Mark, Santo, Dennis, Evan, and Lou - Without fail you guys always do what is necessary.



- Our beautiful wives. They have supported us while we spend long days at the shop.

- Donna Lynch. Thank you for letting us do what we love in your house. It's not unnoticed how quick you were to open your doors to our ideas.


- Thank you to J Inflatables (215) 917-2586 Out of Langhorne Manor for keeping the kids busy while parents shoot bows


 - YOU! Sounds cliché, but it is so true. We enjoyed every moment of hearing your stories about fishing, hunting, and archery.

Knowing that you could feel our passion and pride in helping you along your archery journey, made the day unforgettable.

Thanks for making Bob & AJ's Archery World so much more than a store.




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